Take back YOUR phone. It's your stuff, keep it that way. PTB gives you privacy. PTB only takes the one photo or video you want to share and keeps it for seven days or until you delete it before the seven days is up. Then it's GONE. From the CTB app company. PTB is the second in a series of awesome apps. PTB gives you a chance to go head to head with Pro Towns all over the United States. Pick your Pro Town as your default and show your pride. During the season, go head to head with other Pro Towns on your team's schedule. Look at other Pro Towns posts anytime you want. You can give a post NUTZ or NO NUTZ. Post are kept only seven days or you delete them before. Basketball, baseball, soccer, and other sports coming soon. Choose a default team for each sport. Show others your Pro Town and see what they have. Other features coming soon: Associates and "DEEZ NUTZ" store. Spread the word so others can show you their Pro Town. Invite the NUTZ crew to your Pro Town for a fun time and free swag baby. Many more features coming soon baby.
Operating System Android