Why Brydge? We have millions of resources in the form of non-profits, NGOs and social welfare programs run by Government and private organizations to help the people in need. Yet, the help doesn't come easy. Part of the reason is the quality of these institutions and part is the information unavailability. More often than not, person who needs help doesn't know where to start, whom to contact. Brydge aims to make the NGOs and non-profits more accessible to general public through better communication and also make these existing resources more efficient through user reviews and ratings. Improved accessibility of Non-Profits & NGO's - Brydge aims to make the NGOs and non-profits more accessible to general public. Brydge lists non-profits and NGOs in a category based manner which makes them easy to search. The GPS enabled search makes it easier to look for these resources in your area and these resources can be contacted right from the mobile app. Better communication through Feedback -Brydge mobile app provides users a platform to review and rate the services provided by non-profits and NGOs. First time ever these resources will receive direct feedback which will enable them to reach their greater potential. The application will generate comparative data for these groups which we plan to publish annually in the form of performance reports. E-governance - Along with non-profits and NGOs, there are thousands of social welfare programs run by Government organizations and private players on regular basis. Brydge also help citizens to find the programs relevant to them and take benefit.
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