Cliqk exploits artificial intelligence at its best to serve you trending content tailored to your palate and connect you with people near you with a similar taste based on your preferences.Cliqk continuously aggregates trending content from across the web from which, selected contents are served to you in six categories: Lifestyle, Sports, Science, Biz & Tech, Entertainment and News.When you find a content interesting, join a "clique" and the app matches you with people near you who have a similar taste and meet your preferences. You can then discuss the content in a small group of less than five people.- To remain in a clique, you must participate in the discussion within 24 hours of joining that clique.- The cliques are destroyed after seven days and no one will be able to access the conversations thereafter. - You can view other clique members' profiles and start a 1-1 chat with those you click with!The app also gives you a few simple-to-use functionalities to fine-tune your content feed. For example, you can favorite or block a source to see more content or stop seeing content from that source.Gestures: - Swipe left to go to the next page- Swipe right to go back to the previous page- Swipe down on each content for options window to share/rate that contentUse the selector in main page header, to choose from 6 channels: Lifestyle, Sports, Science, Biz & Tech, Entertainment and News.Rate the contents that you like as 3 and the ones you don't like as 1. Your ratings will help the app learn your taste faster.You can specify your gender/age/relationship status preferences as to whom you want to discuss contents with under "Clique Preferences" in the menu page of the app.Recent changes:- Some minor bugs fixedContent rating: Medium Maturity
File Size7.53 MB
Operating System Android
System RequirementsCompatible with 2.3.3 and above.