Odibly [aw-duh-blee] is a beautiful social media platform for mobile users who love photography. Odibly allows users to enrich their photography with audio, comment on photos with both text and voice, and share their media using a range of intuitive features.In Odibly v.beta you will:ENJOY YOUR PHOTOS FROM YOUR PROFILE IN FOUR VIEWS.CHOOSE HOW YOU WANT TO SHARE.PRIVATELY WITH "FRIENDS" OR PUBLICLY WITH YOUR "FOLLOWERS".TAKE PHOTOS WITH OR WITHOUT AUDIO.We believe photos should be left alone so we thought of a way to enhance a photo without altering the photo itself. Using our proprietary camera you have the option to record audio while you take a photo or take a photo without recording audio.MOVE PHOTOS.Your photos belong to you and we believe you should have control over how your photos are organized so we built in a way for you to drag and drop photos from one album to another using your mobile device.ADD AN AUDIO COMMENT.Engage with photos on your feed by adding text comments. Better yet, add even more richness and nuance by recording an audio comment. Sing Happy Birthday, tell a story to your grandmother, laugh with your friends, or sing a song. You can do it all and more by recording an audio comment an any photo. Want to reply to an audio comment with another audio comment? Go for it!LINK PHOTO ALBUMS WITH YOUR FRIENDS.Life is a social experience. Your photo galleries should reflect that. Create shared galleries with your friends and family using Odibly Links. Simply invite friends and family to Link one of their albums to one of your albums. Once they accept your invite you will see all of the shared photos in a common album, all the while preserving your privacy settings.MORE FEATURES COMING SOON.Note: All photos uploaded are uploaded in their original size. We store photos in their original size and format. We may change the file size and may crop only for fast loading times but the original stays in tact.Content rating: Low Maturity
File Size5.92 MB
Operating System Android
System RequirementsCompatible with 2.3.3 and above.