Enjoy with Christian Music - Free songs, the best app for Android to hear the best Christian tunes. Includes all types of Catholic music. Now with Christmas carols. Do you want to educate your child with Christian music for children? With this app you can thrill your kids with spiritual lyrics. Help them feel Jesus Christ. Guide them in their Catholic home. The best music to praise and inspiration. We want to reach all Christians through the music. Listening these songs they have to grow in spirituality. The app is updated frequently, continue collecting as many songs as there Catholic prayers. We are Christian and want to share our spirituality. Among other topics you will find: Adoration to pray to God, Greatest Hits of Christian tunes, worship, Christian songs for kids and childrens, the best free music, tunes, choirs, praises, feel the presence of God, for Christ, Touching the soul, Pentecostal Choir & Instrumental for prayer. Also you can find Xmas / Christmas Carols. The most catholic music to hear this Christmas, remember jesus listening this lyrics in this spiritual seasonality. Some of Christian music genres included are: Catholic Salsa & Balad, Christmas Carols, Wagons, Rock, Gospel, Bachata, Instrumental lyrics, Contemporary Tunes, Electronics, Funk, Reggaeton, Children, Jazz, Pop, Reggae, Praise and Worship, Spanish music. Enjoy with this beautiful songs for kids, for all the familiy and ages. All of them are about Jesus, Love and much more. Jesus Loves Me & is my best friend. The best free spiritual app. Share videos of the best Christian music on Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter and Google+. Prove you're a big believer. Plays videos in the application, remember, it is not music to download. But. It is free. DISCLAIMER: Christian Music - Free songs hasn't got the intelectual property from the included lyrics. You can't download the content. It only plays publics videos hosted in YouTube.
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