Expreem - Meet New People Nearby, Find Friends and Local Activities

A brilliant revolution-evolution in photo sharing and social interaction.Goodbye likes: how many Connects can you attract?Expreem, through an innovative concept to share photos, helps you to create a geosocial network whose features are progressively enriched depending on distance and countdown status linked to individual posts.How does it work: Each photo posted is enriched by a location and an icon that defines the moment category and how long you will be physically in that place (eg: "Im having lunch at Kreation in Venice Beach for 45 minutes more"). Once the photo is posted, the countdown starts. The photos that are still in the countdown period are listed in the In Progress" filter. According to their current distance, different users will see different interaction features: the closer they will be able to get, before the countdown ends, the more their menu will enrich with new interaction features and content adding capabilities. The main functions are 12. The 5 basic functions are always available to anyone (Comment, Like, Share, Invite, Get Updates), while the other 7 functions (Approach, Check-in, Synch, Add Photos, Connect, Chat, Unlock Promotion) are progressively activated according to how close one is getting.Specifically: "Approach" is active beyond 18 mi, "Check-in" between 18 mi and 430 yd, "Synch" within 430 yd, "Connect", "Add Photo" and "Unlock Promotion" get activated only after a Synch" is confirmed. The chat begins to be available only after you have made a Connect" with someone. The more people interact during countdown period, the more the photo gets popular, and to be more specific, the more the interactions are made with features like Synch, Connect and Add Photo, the more popular it will get. This probably makes it sound like the comments and likes you usually receive on your photos, seem quite a thing of the distant past ! Connect works like this: when people are physically in the place where the photo was posted, they can confirm "Synch", afterwards they become "available" in the Connect list. The Connect allows to establish that you just entered in a space-time proximity relationship with another person, and from that point on, you can start a chat conversation (eg, Is it you the one sitting at the table with the cuban cigar? May I come to drink my beer with you?).The "Add Photo" allows you to add your photos into that particular album created by someone else: for example if you are both at a crowded party, many people can share their photos of the evening into one collaborative album. Create collaborative photo albums with strangers immediately establishes a special relationship. Which works a lot better than 300 messages.The "Unlock Promotion" feature will make you get a lot of cool things at a discounted price, and you may also have your purchase validated to have other benefits. Anything relevant that happens after you have posted the photo it will create lots of updates and push notifications. So if you are about to share a photo of yourself riding a bicycle at sunset on Instagram, you should consider to post it on expreem too, at least if you want to receive more intriguing push notifications for, lets say, 30 minutes. Someone very close may add a photo of the amazing sunset, and may connect to you - meet me at Pier 21!. Search by places of interest, discounts, type of activity, followed people, and more...A tip: at the beginning, especially if expreem is not very famous in your area, it may seem impossible to activate features like Synch, Connect and the Chat, so I strongly encourage you to ask your best friends to download the app and to try it when you are together: one of you can post a photo and the others can try the Synch and the Add Photos. You can then Connect to each other and send the first chat message. Once the chat is activated, even if you will be far away, it will always work!Let this adventure begin for you too!
Price USD 0
License Free
File Size 15.71 MB
Version 1.0.12
Operating System iOS
System Requirements Compatible with iPhone 3Gs, iPhone 4. iTunes account required.