MapCute turns yourself into a cutie. So you can socialize in a real geographic manner on map with hidden real identity under your cutie. Enjoy the freedom of geographic socializing while you are traveling without the awkwardness of being too shy. Key features include: Make yourself a cutie on map, set your cutie name, today's words, interests, skin, hair and dress. Find and chat with cuties on map while you are traveling. Start making new friends around you. Shout to your neighbors for news, information, greetings, questions or even emergency help. Shout makes your voice heard by all cuties near you. Choosing your interests, you'll then be prompted if cuties with the similar interests are found around you while you are traveling. Geographically keep in touch with your friends. Know where your friends are on map. Choosing to be invisible if you wish sometimes, no other cuties will see you, not even your friends. With permissions, you can track cuties on map by navigation, so you know where they are going on map and never get lost. Find favorite places around you, know what they are and how far they are from you. Easily navigate (By foot, bike or car) to reach any location, a favorite place, an event venue, a marketplace, or even a moving cutie. Share your photos with other cuties. Photos may be tagged with your current geographic locations, so you and/or other cuties know where these photos were taken and see other photos taken at this place by you or other cuties. Share your minds or status with other cuties on your profile wall. Organize your events on map and invite other cuties to join. Your events will be displayed on map. Other cuties can easily find the event venues and navigate to the locations. Create your own market deals. Your market deals can be anything that other cuties may be interested in, or even unsovled questions. You may set price for the deals, exchange for other stuff, or reward cuties with satisfying answers or services. (Note: Your privacy is protected on MapCute. All shared stuff can be set at different privacy levels, such as share with everyone, share with all friends, share with selected cuties or not share at all. You may choose to be invisible on MapCute, so no cuties can see you, not even your friends. You can even use MapCute temporarily without the need to login. All your cutie's geographic data will be completely removed from our servers after you leave MapCute.)
Price USD 0
License Free
File Size 14.67 MB
Version 1.4
Operating System Windows 2003, Windows 8, Windows Vista, Windows, Windows Server 2008, Windows 7, Windows XP
System Requirements None