Blogtronix Micro

BlogtronixMicro is Blogtronix's new micro-engagement platform. Beyond microblogging, BlogtronixMicro is designed to be a truly micro-social platform by incorporating multimedia and the social networking capabilities of Blogtronix's main platform. The result is a complete micro-social platform which will positively transform how companies communicate, both internally and externally with their customers, giving them the flexibility to respond in real time. Increasingly, customers expect and demand to be connected with experts, and to do so immediately. The Twitter explosion has begun to break down the speed and ease barrier, but it's lacking in several key ways such as lack of private communities and multimedia to more effectively control and transmit messages. BlogtronixMicro steps up to bridge the gap and extend micro-based communication capabilities by providing the most comprehensive multimedia support available and by leveraging Blogtronix's expertise and architecture to ensure that all messages reach the right audience. Internally, many companies struggle with redundancy and inefficiency. With multiple divisions within a company, performing a simple task once and not reinventing the wheel can be a monumental challenge towards gaining economies of scale and scope, and responding to customer concerns in a rapidly changing market can be overwhelming. The social software solutions that BlogtronixMicro adds to the micro-blogging platform make all the difference. By allowing users to quickly and reliably verify experts, while at the same time taking decisive action to resolve real problems, BlogtronixMicro helps businesses share tacit knowledge and coordinate activities better, allowing them to become far more responsive, efficient and agile. BlogtronixMicro allows users to build social and project-based groups and provides users with multimedia support, which include micro-social videos, images, and links in order to more effectively and efficiently transmit messages. It also enables users to make comments on others' activity feeds and grow messages through a multiplier effect. BlogtronixMicro allows users to assign tags to people and content in order to paint a better picture of knowledge exchange and pull relevant information. Additionally, BlogtronixMicro provides multi-language support, highly customizable dashboards that empower network owners to customize their systems in a way that fits their particular business needs and requirements.
Price USD 0
License Free to try
Version 1.0
Operating System Webware
System Requirements None