A CokeTag is a fun, personal widget for packaging and sharing links to content across the Web. It's easy: just click on 'Add' in the upper right corner of the Facebook CokeTag page, and follow the instructions to create your own CokeTag. First, you use the CokeTag wizard-like editor to help you find the links to the content you want to share. Then you choose a skin from among several available styles. The CokeTag editor puts all the pieces together according to your choices and places the Tag on your Profile page for your friends to see. You'll be up and running in a few minutes. You can edit the links and labels in your CokeTag at any time and as often as you like by clicking on 'Edit Tag' right above the Tag on your Profile Page. You can even change the skin the same way -- whenever you like. The CokeTag makes it easy and quick to promote yourself or something you care about. Link to your videos or blogs, favorite causes or people, your holiday plans, wish list or anything else on the Web.
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