We've all been regulars at that one Happy Hour - the pub across from work, the bar on the corner of campus, or the TGI Friday's in the 'burbs. And we all continue to do it because we're too lazy to find somewhere new. Or, maybe we're just afraid that if we pick someplace new, it won't be as good of a time as our old place. Or worse, your favorite place has $1.00 beers, and who could possibly top that? To make matters worse we get this email every once in awhile, passed down from some mysterious previous generation of interns, and young executives, claiming to be the bible of local drink specials. And just when we resign ourselves to break from our normal routine and try someplace new, we learn that all the information out there is outdated by showing up at a, "laid back piano bar with 2-for-1 happy hour" that is now actually a gas station. Enter: us. Why come here for the best of what to do after work or school? Because it's always current. Why is it always current? Because together we keep it that way. This site is a collaborative community - anyone who visits may search through the information, and anyone who visits may update the information they find to keep it current. Find a place that has changed their specials? Update them. Don't see your favorite places among the lists? Add them! Individually, we are left to becoming regulars at TGI Fridays, or risk finding a drug store where there used to be a great Happy Hour. But together, we can find new places, and always find a deal.
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