I'm In Like With You is a fun way to interact with your friends online. If you are just starting out here, there are some things you may want to figure out. Create a Game: A Game lets you interact with other members on iminlikewithyou. A game is kind of like a question that anyone can answer. Browse Games and Profiles: You can see what games other members have created, and start interacting with them by placing bids on those games. Click here to start browsing.Find Your Friends: I'm In Like With You can be more fun when your friends are around. There are a few ways to find friends, if your friends are already on the site, you can search by their profile name and send them a friend request. If your friends have not joined yet, you can send them an email to invite them. Click on the 'Friends' menu up at the top of the screen to get started inviting or finding your friends. Draw stuff: Now you can draw pictures and send them to your friends.
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