Employing an easy-to-use yet powerful multi-faceted platform, LAND allows users to move seamlessly between digital tools that are typically not found together. This unique interface allows users to immerse themselves in shared topics of interests or tours with others around the globe. Amongst its many integrated features, LAND offers users the ability to seamlessly combine amapping and locating serviceereadercoupon serviceecommerce interfaceemail and social media capabilities.The type of content that can be created, shared and promoted is identified in the app as a tour. Tours are created by users and integrate related navigable points-of-interest (POI). A tour and its related POIs can focus on just about anything, including POIs found in a book or about topics such as the best pizza places, hiking trailhead locations, haunted locales, etc. The users imagination is the only limit to the types of tours that can be generated.Whether youre an avid reader, lover of music, an outdoorsman, cultural tourist, educator or an entrepreneur looking for a way to kick-off your own ecommerce presence, LAND is the app for you.Benefits of the LANDContent Creation and SharingUse LAND to create unique tours that can be shared with the whole world. LAND provides the capacity to share stories, knowledge and pictures on just about any topic or adventure. Hobbies, passions and unique knowledge can be brought to life and enhanced by LANDs unique interface. Additionally, LANDs capacity to interface with virtually all social media platforms allows users to market ideas and brands as well as share personal experiences and adventures.Content DiscoveryIn addition to creating tours, users can access tours created by others about subjects of interest. For example, if you are planning a bike tour of Holland and you have no idea about how to organize such a trip, you can search LAND to discover if such a tour already exists. If so, the owner of the tour may have already geolocated a variety of locations, distances between cities, bike shops, restaurants as well as hotels and hostels that one may find useful. Additionally, the creator of the tour may have included coupons that can be redeemed at restaurants and bike shops along the route. All this information as well as the discount coupons would be available to users who subscribe to the tour. Such knowledge might prove invaluable and be reassuring.Mapping and Location ServiceLAND allows user to geolocate virtually any POI on earth. This tool can animate a book in ways that are unimaginable. Specific references in literature, the arts, the sciences or the social sciences can be transformed and turned into a meaningful part of the real-world. Personal adventures and journeys can be geolocated, written about and shared. The world of the imagination can become real in LAND.EreaderLANDs integrated ereader allows users to geolocate certain pages to specific locations that either inspired them or appeared a book. This activity is aptly named "Adventure Reading." Also, books that are in the public domain, such as those in The Gutenberg Project, can be integrated into the app and turned into a tour that entrepreneurial and passionate readers can extend into the real world. More importantly, aspiring authors can use the app to epublish a book and use the embedded tools to promote their book.EcommerceUsers can use LAND tours for commercial purposes. A user, known as an Ambassador can apply their knowledge, networking and marketing skills to attract other users and Affiliates (local businesses) to their tours. Users who access an Ambassadors commercial tour can redeem the coupons contained in the tour to receive discounts on products or services provided by Affiliates. The redemption of coupons by users will generate incremental revenue for Ambassadors and bolster business for Affiliates.
Operating System iOS
System RequirementsRequires iOS 10.3 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.