Florida Offline Maps and Offline Navigation

- No expensive 3G/4G data connection, wifi or internet connection required for voice turn-by-turn navigation. Save on your data usage. Turn your iPhone or iPad into a mobile GPS navigation device.- No map download required. All maps contained in the initial download of the app.- No subscriptions, in-app purchases or ongoing costs. Free to use after your initial purchase.A simple to use, detailed navigation app with spoken instructions designed specifically for the iPhone and iPad. With this app you no longer have to worry about finding your way to any destination in Florida. No need for paper maps. No matter where you are or where the journey takes you, the app can be used anywhere in Florida.Travelling to Australia? Great for visitors who need a GPS navigation device during their stay without having to spend lots of money on one. Save your data allocation and money as you enjoy street by street navigation without the need for any mobile data connection.The app has both off-line and on-line searching. On-line searching requires an internet connection for the actual search and uses very little data. Once the destination has been selected all navigation is off-line and data free.NOTE - For navigation the app does require that your iPad has a SIM slot (3G/4G slot), as only these iPads have the full GPS capabilities and antennas. You do not need a SIM to be installed for the data free GPS navigation. A WiFi-only iPad does not contain the in-built GPS that a WiFi+Cellular (SIM slot) iPad does and we do not recommend this app for Wifi only iPads. If your iPad is Wifi only, then you will be able to view the entire Florida maps, however full navigation will not function. The app is suitable for all iPhones.All Florida map data stored on your iPhone or iPad - no download costs for mapping or navigationFull-fledged turn-by-turn voice navigation including street namesLocal online search for a specific address or place, service and shop. 'Pizza' 'Library' or 'Hostptal'Set your own speed warnings for in and out of townStreet sign displays3D-view, with user options for 2D view during navigationSelectable Route Types - Car efficient, fastest, shortest, Pedestrian (options map turns to north facing or direction), Bike fastest, shortest and quietestOptions to avoid toll roads, ferries and highwaysRoute simulation mode to preview your tripAutomatic night and day modeUp to three alternative routes to choose fromOptional setting of a waypoint for a place you want to visit along your routeTime remaining in journey, your actual speed and distance remainingSupports landscape and portrait viewsRemember for safety sake - do not adjust the settings on this app while driving. The iPad version is perfect for the passenger navigator. Position your device safely, out of the way of airbags and not obstructing the drivers vision. You are responsible for ensuring the road is safe to travel on. We do not accept responsibility for errors generated by unreported road works or the weather. You assume total responsibility and risk for using this satellite navigation app. Please note that as with all navigation apps, continued use of GPS running in the background can decrease battery faster than normal.Tutorial videos at www.outbacktouring.com.auPlease be kind with us for your Version 1.0 reviews and ratings and please email admin@outbacktouring.com.au for support or to bug report. Thanks. :-)
Operating System iOS
System RequirementsRequires iOS 7.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.