3D Global Terrain

3D Global Terrain is an offline 3D platform that combines NASA imagery generated from Blue Marble project, elevation data from Shuttle Radar Topography Mission and more than 6.5 million of land markers with Cities and Points of Interest into a relatively small but powerful worldwide platform. GTerrain will allow you to visit any place in the world, know the general topography, and load and display Waypoints, Routes and Tracks from many file formats. Topography and satellite imagery: GTerrain has a full copy of the Blue Marble satellite imagery and the Shuttle Radar Topography Mission (SRTM) Data stored in an off-line database (local copy) allowing you to use GTerrain without Internet connection. Both Blue Marble and the SRTM have a fixed resolution of ~450mts per pixel, in order to maintain a relatively low hard-disk space requirement of ~3GB. This important feature will give you the possibility to use 3D Global Terrain in field applications (using it on a Notebook on the road).
LicenseFree to try
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Operating System Windows 7 Windows XP Windows NT Windows 2003 Windows Vista Windows 2000 Windows Windows Server 2008