Speedometer Maps and Tracks

Its a muti-function app. 1. Real Life like Speeedometer2. Distance Meter3. Shows Average Speed and Top Speed 4. Altimeter5. Real time speed and altitude Graph6. Track on Map7. Head on Display to show speed on car-windshield. 8. Supports US and METRIC system. 9. Trip details are stored in history including entire track.10. Export history summary as csv file.11. Not confident enough ? Try free version "Speedometer App Free"Also shows your current Location and Track on the Map. When you hit the stop button the whole covered track is stored in history and can be viewed any time.Touch anywhere on Track to know your time and speed at that spot.Take phone calls, surf net while this app keep doing its job in background. (refer to disclaimer about battery life) Background mode Will work on 3GS and 4G phones only. WARNING: Do not operate this app while Driving as it may create dis-attraction from driving. MAIN SCREEN- Easy to use speedometer that shows speed using analog meter and shows speed in text. - Shows speed and distance. - Supports both US and METRIC systems - Talk on phone, surf web or do other stuff, while this app runs on back ground. - Put the app in background and put it in pocket and it will keep working for you. - Pause the meter when ever you want to pause the calculations.- Setting option to keep the screen always on. GRAPH- Shows speed and altitude graph- Graph updates every 12 seconds.- Graph auto adjusts to speed and altitude- Supports both US and Metric systemsMAP - Shows your location on MAP. - Pinch zoom in or out. - Shows Map, Satellite and Hybrid Maps - Shows your present path covered - Touch any where on your path to know the time and speed at that point HISTORY - Every time you hit Stop button History is stored. - The history shows time, distance and average speed and the Track covered. - History shows Full Map of path you covered. - Pinch zoom in/out even on History maps. - See your present location on History maps. - Select Satellite or regular maps even in history. - Can store 100 entries - Delete an entry by swipe of finger. - Once you are above 100 entries older entries are automatically removed. SETTINGS- US or METRIC System,- Always On screen mode. DISCLAIMER - Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. - Uses GPS so this app will work in background only on 3GS and 4G devices that allow background processes. - Will work Only OUTSIDE in open. - The accuracy of parameters is limited by GPS device in Iphone itself.- Distance shown is linear distance as the GPS's vertical height measurement has poor accuracy Please send feedback to contact@vm-apps.com
File Size1.19 MB
Operating System iOS
System RequirementsCompatible with iPhone 3G, iPhone 3Gs, iPhone 4, iPad 3G. iTunes account required.