! ATTENTION ! VOYAGER XDRIVE is an application designed to run only on iPhone 3GS.ARE YOU READY FOR TRAVELING THROUGH TIME?VOYAGER X-DRIVE Roman Forum allows you to visualize, trough the display of your IPhone 3GS, 3D Realtime Virtual contents in photorealistic quality representing the Roman Forum during the Emperor Costantine Ages (320 A.C.).USE IT WITH GPS ONSITE OR USE IT AT YOUR HOME!You can play with this application in both OUTDOOR GPS MODE and INDOOR OFFLINE MODE. The first one allows you to use the GPS data alignement but you need to be inside the target area, with the second one you can play with the app at your home or wherever you are, simply using the arrows keys to control the virtual camera. JUST WALK AND MOVE THE IPHONE UP AND DOWN LEFT OR RIGHT AND USE IT AS A TIME PORTAL! VOYAGER X-DRIVE uses the GPS, the MAGNETOMETER and the ACCELEROMETER of your IPhone, to track your position and look-at, so the navigation results really EASY and USER FRIENDLY. EXPERIENCE A NEW WAY TO LISTEN AN AUDIO GUIDE! The application can recognize any geo-referenced monument around your position making you able to play an audio guide in different languages while viewing/navigating the Roman Forum virtual reconstruction.Imagine to arrive in Rome in the Roman Imperial Forum, and start X-drive on your iPhone.After few second the GPS will track your position in the real world then you have just to walk around the monuments, viewing them on the display of yuor iPhone as they were in the past and all in realtime 3D like a videogame. So just point the iPhone to a monument and enjoy the experience. Using a software algorithm the application can recognize any geo-referenced model/structure around your position and Look-at. This technique allows you, while you are in front and near a specific monument, to listen an audio guide, that will provide you all the historical information about it. The Audio-guide is available in different languages.In order to make this application working we use some different sensors and devices all embedded in a 3GS IPhone such as:1) The GPS device provides the control of the virtual camera of the application according with your position in the real world, and it will be constantly updated and aligned.2) The Magnetometer (electronic compass) provides the horizontal control of the virtual camera according to the orientation of your look at in the real world.3) The accelerometer provides the vertical control of the virtual camera according with your vertical look at movements.The combination of these elements, sensors, devices and software algorithms, provides you a direct correspondence between virtual and real world while browsing, making you able to get information for and from a specific monument/structure.The revolutionary and combined usage of these devices and software algorithms represents a real evolution of the tourist oriented browsing interfaces, revealing new, never experienced before, scenarios concerning the immersive and interactive simulation on an iPhone 3GS making VOYAGER: X-DRIVE closer to a real time 3D virtual reality experience.VOYAGER: X-DRIVE evolves significantly and in an original way all the audio-guides and all the other standard information system concerning tourism, history and education.
Price USD 4.99
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File Size 38.72 MB
Version 1,1
Operating System iOS
System Requirements Compatible with iPhone., Requires iPhone OS 2.1 or later., iTunes account required