There is realy is no excuse for not reading the NOTAMs prior to your flight! With Pre-Flight 1.3 you don't need one! Notams are automatically downloaded and displayd on a map along with your planned route....Pre-Flight is a multi-leg flight planning tool. It allows you to do most of the work that would normally require a ruler, maps, protractor and E6B calculator. What is more: Pre-flight provides you with a world wide forecast for wind aloft which is automatically used to calculate the wind correction angle for each leg of your flight and to suggest the most economic cruise altitude. To set up a flight takes less then 5 minutes: select your origin, destination and alternate fields from a build in database. Add optional (custom) waypoints to your route. Select your aircraft from the list of aircraft available. Set your desired cruise altitude, temperature and QNH and you are ready!Pre flight calculates:- The wind aloft (from on-line database)- Time and fuel requirements- Magnetic heading, wind correction, true course- Most economic altitude for every leg in the flightPre-Flight also supports:- Multiple planned flights- World wide forecast for wind aloft for the next two days- Map-based custom way point editing- A database of over 52000 fields and nav-aids- Simple slider based controls.Check it out. It's coolChanges in version 1.2 - Fixed problems updating wind forecast for German and Spanish time zone settings- Updated the database to include ALL FAA registered nav aids- Updated the database to include ALL FAA registered airports- Allows search for FAA identifiers - Improved entry of W&B settings- Display a map of the current route- Improved pin handling for setting VFR waypoints
File Size9.12 MB
Operating System iOS
System RequirementsCompatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.1 or later. iTunes account required