PolicyMap lets users explore geographic information through maps, tables, and reports. PolicyMap is a tool for all of you who wished there was an easier way to incorporate the power of data into the decisions you make. It's fast, efficient and captures data in visually powerful ways through custom maps, tables, reports, and our new analysis tool, Analytics. PolicyMap uses cutting edge technology that allows us to display highly sophisticated, fast and draggable maps in ordinary Web browsers. We call this technology and our platform "PMap". The ability to dynamically render and customize thousands of shaded maps sets this technology apart, making it especially suited to interactive research and data analysis. TRF has partnered with 3D-L, a progressive technology company with expertise in presenting dynamic geographic data in a web-based format. The team at 3D-L supports PolicyMap's day-to-day infrastructure and develops the new tools and functionality as we continue to enhance the site.
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