Depiction is a new type of mapping and simulation software that lets you quickly and easily explore "what if" scenarios that could affect you community. Depiction combines maps, data and images into a single canvas, where it all comes alive and interacts, whether it came from the Internet of your personal files. What is a depiction? Think of a Depiction as a visual story in your community. That story could be a dream - "what if we opened a new office in this part of town?" Or it could be a nightmare - "what if there's an earthquake that cuts me off from my family?" Who uses Depiction? All kinds of people. Emergency managers and volunteers use Depiction to prepare for and respond to disasters. Educators use depiction to simulate training scenarios and hypothetical events. Businesses use Depiction to plan for development and expansion. Anyone who needs to visualize answers to "what if" questions will find Depiction useful. Combine many kinds of information. From everyday files like images and spreadsheets, to complex geospatial data like GML, shapefiles, elevation data and more, integrate everything you need into a single depiction. Work online or off. Depiction automatically brings in data from public sources across the Internet, but if you lose your Internet connection, your data stays right where it is.
Price USD 199
License Purchase
File Size 53.42 MB
Version 1.01.9670
Operating System Windows 2003, Windows Vista, Windows, Windows Server 2008, Windows 7, Windows XP
System Requirements None