NYC Subway 24-Hour KickMap (iPhone)

NYC Subway 24-Hour KickMap (iPhone) shows all of the subway lines, stops, and connections so at a glance you know exactly where your train stops or doesn't stop. NYC Subway 24-Hour KickMap features two Maps- Day map and exclusive Night map for full 24 hour coverage, maps need no internet connection, clearly shows each individual subway line in an easy-to-use design that is fully scrollable and zoomable, a three second touch on any station instantly links to Google Maps Street View, locates a subway station by name or nearest to your location via GPS directly on the map, links to transit alerts, indicates the stations that don't allow you to cross over in opposite direction, shows NYC neighborhoods, major streets, parks, and landmarks, and shows connections to commuter rail and airports.
File Size7.06 MB
Operating System iPhone OS 3.x iOS
System RequirementsRequires iPhone OS 3.0