Database generation tool for all aspects of your business: sales, marketing, finance, IT-management, education, customer service. The most important feature of the program is the ability to create the necessary tables and edit existing ones. Thus, you cannot change yourself for a hard-coded by the developer of the program structure, and develop their own, more convenient for you. As shown, this approach can significantly increase the percentage of successful implementations of the program in the company. Create the table quickly and easily by using the built-in Set Design. Tables appear in the program immediately, and the Administrator has full access to them, and for other groups' access to personally appointed. Table Designer supports a number of field types: text, number, date and time, a list, communications, file, image, and others. One of the most important aspects of any base is the distribution of the company's employee's access to certain data. The program allows you to create different access groups whereby you distribute your staff to their respective groups (administrator, director, manager and accounting). In any table, you can assign rights to view and edit up to each field. For example, the director sees all the fields in the Customers' table and the group managers only part of them. Accounting can edit the fields of payment, and managers - no. In addition to the rights to view and edit each group can be given privileges to add or delete rows.
Price USD 15
License Free to try
Version 2.0.4
Operating System Webware
System Requirements None