This is the best way to track how many calories that you gain by eating food. This displays the amount of calories, fat, proteins... from the nutrition facts label on the sides of all food. Our new and improved interface makes it easier to navigate the lists of food and also gives many more intuitive options that will be very useful when counting calories taken in from food. Export Export your calculations now as text and csv files to keep track on your own. Also download food information as text files so you can easily share health information with others. Cut & Look modes allow easier entries into your calorie calculator now located in its own side window for easier use. Graph Graph your intake. Now all the data put into your calculator will be graphed so you can see what should or should not be consumed. You can also see a graph view of each individual food item. Graphs help track anything you want! Quick Look With the new Quick Look and Cut modes you can now easily enter any food entry, click the look button and now you can cut any information into your calculator or any program. This takes the step of writing down your information out of the equation and makes life simpler.
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