About FlopCruncher FlopCruncher is our advanced Texas Hold'em poker odds calculator. Here are a few of its main features and options: Calculates preflop, flop, turn, and river odds for up to 10 players Allows semi-random and fully random cards ("any ace," "any club," etc.) Hands can be folded on any street Burn cards can be specified and removed from play on any street 10 thousand, 100 thousand, or 1 million deals per calculation Keyboard shortcuts fully integrated with mouse gestures Playback mode - Players' names, cards, and actions on each street are presented - 21 hands are included - New hands can be downloaded directly into FlopCruncher Statistics mode - Displays the number and types of all hands made by any player - Percentages less than 0.1 are shown to two decimal points - Works with hands in normal mode and playback mode News Alert - The News Link button glows red when FlopTech's news page has been updated. Five background and cardback themes 2-color or 4-color card suits Poker quotes and proverbs (113 total)
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