What is iPhoneLikeIndicator? 'iPhoneLikeIndicator' is a fun project I did last night. I always liked the iPhone's network indicator and wanted something similar for OSX. Born was iPhoneLikeIndicator :) It is a little .... convenient entry for your menubar which shows any network activity. Just like the network indicator on the iphone (that's where the name is from *doh*) How does it work? The graphical application uses the command line application netcat. It executes /usr/sbin/netcat -u -i -w 1 and parses the results to get the incoming and outgoing bytes. If there is any Activity, the indicator spins. (again, just like on the iPhone *smile*) BTW: I haven't tested it extensivly. I use it since last night and made sure it isn't leaking memory but I cant guarantee it works on all kinds of systems. It works fine on my MBP C2D under OSX 10.5.8. It should work fine on 10.4, 10.5 and 10.6 though. Tip: Add it to your login items to have it start automatically. It has a context menu with a quit option
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