Donate to charity for free simply by running a small program in the background. In exchange for your unused CPU processing power, you will give to the charity of your choice. This application contains NO POPUPS, NO SPYWARE, NO ADWARE. You can donate more than 1000 grains of wheat, 1000 ounces of water, 1000 minutes of education or 1000 square inches of rain forest EVERY DAY simply by leaving your computer on. DonateBot contains absolutely no spyware and no adware. You will not be harassed with nasty popup ads when using this application. Most likely, you won't even know that it's running! However, the donations to charity that you make are still very real. To select the charity you want to donate to, simply click on one of the four images. You can donate ounces of water (Charity:water), grains of wheat (CARE), minutes of education (Oaktree Foundation) and square inches of rain forest (The Nature Conservancy). Many computers sit idle for hours or days at a time. DonateBot lets you share this unused processing power with organizations that need to solve complicated problems, such as analyzing the galaxies or performing mathematical calculations. Your day-to-day computer operations, like browsing the internet, writing a document or listening to music will not be affected by DonateBot. You can manually change the CPU usage in the program if you are concerned about computer performance. The Windows version can automatically boost CPU usage when you haven't used your computer for a few minutes, maximizing your donations. DonateBot is 100% safe. The distributed computing system runs in a secure Java sandbox that has no access to your files.
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Operating System Macintosh Mac OS X 10.5 PPC Mac OS X 10.5 Intel