Rumble Camera - Make Money With Your Videos

Rumble Camera allows you to make money with videos that you film with your phones camera. In today's world, video creators are being taken advantage of; social media platforms don't pay what you deserve, you lack visibility, transparency, and there are no good tools that allow you to control distribution. Rumble's camera app does all this for you.FEATURES on our camera app:- Film your videos from the Rumble camera app- Upload, store and host your videos for free (in Rumble's cloud storage).- Get full transparency and control on where your video is being distributed and how its monetized.- Make money on videos you thought you never had any value.- Sync all videos from your phone to the Rumble Camera app.- Ability to cash out straight from the camera app.FEATURES on web (accessible on Full data analytics. See exactly what websites used your videos and how much you made.- White-lists & Blacklists. You can stop any website at anytime from using your content.- Ability to create as many channels as you like.- Ability to subscribe to channels.Rumble's camera will strive to be the place where you earn the maximum amount of money for the videos you create. The Rumble Camera app is free and works on most devices.
License Free
Version 1.3.0
Operating System Android
System Requirements Requires Android 5.0 and up