PixPax - Free Retro Photo Prints

Order FREE retro prints with PixPax. No subscriptions. No order limits, just print photos for FREE with PixPax.Why you need PixPax in your life:18 FREE retro prints. What a time to be alive!100% recycled prints. We're the first in the UK.No subscriptions. No order limits. No strings attached.The whole package is designed to keep.Get a stylish hanging kit and stickers for your prints. Why wouldn't you?You only have to pay for delivery.You'll love it.Go on, PixPax yourself silly and print your best photos for FREE.There's much more to PixPax than free retro prints. You can order extra sets to share with your friends and family, as well as hanging display kits to bring out the best in your photo prints. You can also order new sticker sets to add a touch of fun. That's a great gift for a loved one done and done.PixPax App features:18 FREE retro prints every time you place an order on your mobile. If you want to print more than 18 FREE pics, you can print more of course.No order limits there's no limit on how many times you can order a FREE set of PixPax. We have enough free prints for you, your best friends and everyone else. Quick, spread the news, everyone can print photos for free.No subscriptions - print as few or many times as you like.Easy as select pictures straight from your camera roll.100% recycled prints - printing photos on recycled paper is the future.Top up your prints you can also print photos in sets of 24 or 36 photos.Extra print sets - don't keep a new thing to yourself. Duplicate your set of prints and share with your best friends or family.Perfectly proportioned PixPax are 103mm by 80mm wide and feature your photo in a 70 x 70mm square. Retro and rocking.Matte finish PixPax are printed on 300 gsm uncoated matte card that makes your photo look good and feel great.The whole package is designed to gift. Your new PixPax will arrive in bright, beautiful, silk-finish packaging.Easy editing interface - editing each pic is quick & easy.Make your FREE prints your own edit your photos on your mobile with captions, colourful borders and emojis.Photos display kit print photos and put on display with the new stylish hanging kit delivered in a stunning, silk-finish box. It comes with string, patterned washi tape and mini wooden pegs.Add stickers to your photos, why wouldn't you? Sticker sets make your images look their best ideal for a gift.Delivery is hassle-free & easy. Our engineers are working on ways to teleport your PixPax to you for free, but for now you only have to pay 3.99 for delivery.Start printing your photos with the PixPax App.----------------Reviews are in:"The photo editor on this app is out of this world. The quality of the photos on my free prints is fantastic." - Sarah, 28"From my mobile to my door - it's like a gift from me to me. PixPax you good thing you!" Kate, 26"Happiness comes in a box from PixPax! Printing your photos is easy & delivery is quick." Adarsh, 23----------------Here's a recap of features. Drum roll, please.18 FREE prints every time you place an order on your mobile app.If you want to print more than 18 retro pics, you can order more photos.No printing order limits - there's no limit on how many times you can order a FREE set of PixPax.No subscriptions - print photos as many times as you like.100% recycled free prints - printing your photo on recycled card is the future.Top up prints order more up to 24 or 36 photos.Extra photo prints - don't keep a good thing to yourself.Matte finish - PixPax look good & feel great.Whole package is designed to gift.Edit your photos on your mobile app with captions, colourful borders & emojis.Photos display kit print pics and put on display with the new stylish hanging kit.Add stickers to your photos to make your images stand out.Delivery is easy, just pay 3.99 for delivery.
License Free
Version v1.2
Operating System Android
System Requirements Requires Android 4.4 and up