Zoom it is a photo shooting application created for the Zoom it accessory (sold separately)for tablets and smartphones. Take lots of impressive photos with x30 magnification. Explore the microscopic world with Zoom it!**********************************************************PHOTO MODE: Discover your surroundings like you have never seen them before!ALBUMS : Sort your exciting photos per category (Animals, Food, Herbs & Flowers, Human body, Materials, Fruits & Vegetables, Yuck!...).SHARE your cool photos with friends on Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Tumblr, Picasa, etc.***********************************************************Zoom it app also includes some fun and easy to play mini-games.QUIZ: Guess what item is displayed on your screen! Finding the answer of the extreme close-up photo could prove a difficult challenge! This multiple choice quiz is an amazing entertainment for the whole family (several levels of difficulty are available). In 2 player mode: Challenge your friends to a match!PUZZLE : Reconstruct wonderful pictures in microscopic view. Several levels of difficulty are available: choose 4, 9, 16 or 25 pieces. Time is ticking; complete the puzzle in the quickest time possible possible!**********************************************************HALL OF FAME : The highest scores of each mini-game are displayed.**********************************************************Zoom it app is available in 8 languages: French, English(UK), English(US), Dutch, Danish, Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian.**********************************************************Stay up to date with the latest news from Kurio at www.kurioworld.com and please feel free to leave your comments!*Parental permission: For children under 13 years old, it is strongly recommended to get parent or guardians permission before sharing photos or personal information to anyone via the Internet. In addition it is recommended for parents and guardians to alert children about safe internet use.
Operating System Android