There is no need to worry about rotation while recording. Horizontal Camera will provide a horizontal recording, no matter how many times and ways you have rotated your device or how you hold it. Stop thinking about vertical video, holding your camera sideways with a wrong orientation and losing the angle, just enjoy the moment! Horizontal Camera will do the leveling for you.It is expensive to buy technologies like gimbal or other cameras with stabilization. Don't waste your wadges, we have made you a favour by creating Horizontal camera which is a good substitute and it is absolutely free. It will always record your video like a professional and its orientation will automatically be corrected. You will be a camera pro! No more mistakes, no more multiple tries for a good result.Horizontal Camera is easy to use -start recording and it will take care of the rest by using your device's gyroscope and accelerometer to hold it back on place. It will automatically correct the angle of the picture and smoothly fit it in the video.- Resolution is Full HD depending on the device.- The frame will be flexibly adjusted to fit maximum viewport.- Videos will be stored in your DCIM folder and you can always access your records.- Gallery button on the bottom right corner will provide a shortcut to your last recorded video.Horizontal camera is absolutely free of charge. There will be no logo of your videos and no limitations on the length of your recordings. It is all up to you! Have fun!Ready!? Camera! Action! Record!Please have in mind that this project is still a Beta version and it will be improved vastly in the future.
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