Age Editor: Face Aging Effects

Age your face 10, 30, 50 or however many years you want! Decide how your skin wrinkles, how bald you go, how gray your hair and beard get, and other aging characteristics.This is not one of those age booth generator apps that randomly ages your face like it's a magic trick. This is an editing tool where you can age your face decades or into an elderly person.Simply take a photo of your face with the camera or choose an image from your photos library. Once you have a picture of your face there are several different face masks that have different wrinkles that you can choose from. Each of these masks are highly customizable so you can morph them to your face and choose how many wrinkles you want with the editor and how deep they are. You can also give yourself gray hair, beard or mustache. Edit your face however you want to see what you look like older.You can also insert other cool effects into your pictures to make you look old such as glasses, hats and smoking pipes, to name a few.You don't have to just age your face, there are other funny ways to warp it, you can make it look scary and ugly as well. Create an old version of you and send it to your friends for fun as a prank to see if they can identify you and guess your age.If you ever asked yourself how old do I look? Or I wonder what I would look like older? Or decided to yourself I want to age my face. Try this app!This aging maker app works for all genders, races, and ages; even kids.
Price USD 0
License Free
Version 1.10
Operating System Android
System Requirements None