Police Photo Suit 2018 : Women & Men Police Suit

Police Photo Suit 2018 is a complete police dress photo editor app package for both police dresses for men and women police dress collections which have makeup features you can try different, Hair Styles, Beard Styles,Mustache Styles and Sunglasses for men along with Women Hairstyles.Police Photo Suit Editor app also contains HD quality police special background images & amazing stickers like Police Caps,Police Set, Police powerful Weapons, Police Cars, bikes and Choppers.Photo Editor or police frame photo app is the best men police suit photo editor and women police suit photo editor app makes more stylish and handsome police dress photo frames.These police dress app contains amazing collection of police dresses for both men and women, police photo suits for both men and women makes the most beautiful police dress photo frame and police vardi apps.Try our police dress photo editor app or police dress maker app provides variety of police shoots like men police dress, police dress photo editor for girls, army uniforms, navy uniforms, women police suit photo that makes police dress app as a total policemen photo editor that makes an amazing police photo suit frames to decorate your pics with police photo suit editor application.Just try this police vardi photo apps on your photo and make your police dress photo look like a real police men. Women police suit photo editor app makes your police dress up photos as real woman police officer.Police Photo Suit Editor app has police dress up exactly that suits police dress photo editor app to make your policemen photo more decorate and fantastic with police vardi photo editor fun free smart phone application and have a great photo fun with families, friends & relatives using face changer, police dress make up app without using internet.Key Features our Police Photo Suit App:-* Easy and User Friendly App Interface.* 40 + Men Police suits of men police dress collections.* 20+ Women police suits of women police dress collections.* 20 + Face Color Filter Effects* 30 + New Police Special Backgrounds with natural color background effects* 30+ Men Hair Styles to your policesuit photos.* 15 + Women Hair Styles to your women police dress photo suits.* 15 + Mustache styles to your police dress maker app.* 20 + Trending Sunglasses added in this police dress app* 20 + Cartoon Stickers,Flags & texts with different fonts.* Face _Flip & Suit Flip option feature for police suits to get different kind of positions for your police dress photos.* Swap & Auto Erase option* Redo, Erase, Undo and Zoom in & Zoom out option* Auto Eraser to remove the object when you click on your background images.* Share Saved images (via) various social media platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram etc.* Saved images can also be set as your device wallpaper.How to use Men Police Suit:-* Select image from gallery or capture from your phone camera.* Crop the image using super cropping tool* Choose your favourite men police photo suit editor styles.* Scale in and scale out your crop image to fit your men police dress.* Add police backgrounds for our police suit app or from your own gallery.* Apply stickers, men hairstyles and mustaches, sunglasses, cartoons, flags and text with color fonts to your men police suit photo editor images.How to Use Women Police Suit:-* Choose your favourite women police photo suit editor styles.* Scale in and scale out your crop image to fit your women police dress.* Add police special backgrounds for your police suit app or from your own gallery.* Apply women hairstyles, sunglasses, cartoon stickers, flags and text with colors fonts to your women police suit photo editor images.* Save the image to your album once are done with editing.Make fun with our beautiful police suits and look like real police with using our police photo suit app!!!
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Version 1.6
Operating System Android