Nudfy (Premium) - Photo Gallery, Camera, Editor

Keep your photos and videos safe for real.Nudfy is a photo and video gallery, photo camera and photo editor.Other security applications only hide the images so applications can not find them. However the images remain in the original format and can be viewed if accessed.Nudfy encrypts your images so that only those who have the password can view them. Even if someone has access to your files, without the password they will not be able to see the content. Nudfy uses military encryption for this.MAIN FEATURES:- Encrypt photos and videos- Encrypt multiple images at once- Encryption with double password. Avoid spilling your images without your consent. Nudfy allows you to enter two passwords for protection. So when a couple makes images together, each informs a password and only with the two passwords that the image can be viewed;- Share your files using a password protection, so only those who have the password can view them;- Use the share to store your encrypted files in any service in the clouds like OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive, etc;- Viewing protected files in the same way you view your unprotected files- Use NudfyCam to capture images already password protected. Before starting the image capture, enter the desired password and the time this password will be active. From there all photos and videos are already generated protected;- Organize your albums while capturing images. Using the Organizer you can inform the folder where the files should be recorded for a certain period;AND MORE:- Edit your images making your images more fun;- Choose from 3 viewing modes;- Select the type of password you want to use;- Manage all your photos and videos in one place, both from public albums, hidden albums and Nudfy albums;Suggestions, questions or problems, please contact:
Operating System Android