Clone Camera - Twin Camera Photo Editor

Clone Camera is the best and fastest beauty & clone camera app for you to create amazing clone photos. This is an interesting camera app. It could make one people split into many avatars with different posture in one photograph. And use from 2 to 4 split views to create a continuous action decomposition. The operation is simple to understand. With the assistance of transparent background compare adjustment, and the brightness / position fine tune function, it is eazier to take the pictures. It's never been easier to clone yourself or your friend. Take two photos Adjust split and blending Share the pic anywhere you want mike's camera, 3d mirror pic, picture camera, mirror draw, photos around, tirages photo, 3d mirror photo editor, selfie mirror, mirror draw, photos around, foto espejo, suche kamera, 2 pictures, 3d picture, free mirror,kamera suche, clone camera, split camera, twin camera, twin camera mirror photo, twin camera clone yourself videos, multiplex, twins, clone apps, cloner, stink, eliot, twin photo, trill now A free camera application to make twin photos, twin pictures or clone yourself in one photo. Please don't move your camera after take the first photo to improve the quality Use self-timer to avoid shake your camera Twin Camera: Using Camera Take Twin Pictures of you. Stand at two Places and that can be stitched together to make a single photo that will make it look like Twins of you are interacting with each other. Using Twin Camera you can Clone yourself to make it Clone Camera. Create awesome looking Twin Photos by stitching two photos together to make them look seamless. Create double still of same person and wow people.
Operating System Android