BlackCam Darkroom : Premium 8mm Retro & VHS Effect

Give a genuine BLACK AND WHITE FILM AESTHETIC to your photos with BW Darkroom while shooting with a digital procam. We always wanted to make a Black and white photo editor which helps professional & amateur photographers achieve darkroom hipstamatic like monochromatic photos.Upcoming edition contains direct plugin import and export photos to Photoshop and Lightroom. TLDR;Real Life Film FiltersReal GrainDesktop Grade ToolkitFull Resolution ExportsReal FramesDarkroom Effects REAL ANALOG FILMAt BW Darkroom, we have carefully replicated the aesthetic and character of legendary Black and White Analog Film.Enlight your photos to give them a film aesthetic as if they were taken by an 8mm or 35mm analog film.Over a 100 analog films (8mm, 35mm, Negative, IR) to choose from Kodak, Fujifilm, Ilford and more to enlight B&W analog aesthetic.Here are some of the most popular presets:Fujifilm neopan 400Fujifilm neopan 1600Fujifilm FP300b0bKodak Tri-x (100, 400, 800)Kodak Tmax (100, 400, 800)Ilford FP4Ilford HPSPolaroid 664Polaroid PolapanPolaroid 667Black and white really helps to Enlight your portrait mode, and night mode photos and give them a faded look. We love the work RNI Films and Hipstamatic have performed and want us android lovers to have the same experience.All in all, give awesome after light, vintage photo effects and a hipstamatic aesthetic to your photos.Loaded with great Analog 8mm, 35mm, a small and large format of photo films from Kodak to Fujifilm for realistic black and white effects of retro cameras.Snap a photo from your camera app and use BW Darkroom to get a gorgeous vintage aesthetic in black and white.DESKTOP GRADE DARKROOM TOOLKITFULL RESOLUTION, LOSSLESS RAW PHOTO SUPPORTExif ControlCamera RollGrainInstasize, crop, rotate and scale according to your requirementsBeautifySaturationHSL Color ToningSplit Tone EffectsGrain Effects Shadows and HighlightsContrastBrightnessHazeNoiseVignetteBW Darkroom processes your photos at 100% photo quality!BW Darkroom saves photos with the original resolution taken by your professional camera app. If you love uploading full-sized images on Flickr, 500px, & vsco, Tumblr, you'd appreciate this feature.EASILY SHARE YOUR RAW PHOTOOne tap share button makes Sharing a RAW photo (including png/jpeg) very convenient to Flickr, VSCO, Tumblr, Instagram, Facebook, and others. You can also preview your photo before you share it. Real BW Textures and Frame borders for vintage photo effectsBW Darkroom uses textures and borders for pictures, that are scanned manually from a real photo for accurate Black and White photo representation. Each and every texture and film has been picked with great curation after scanning a huge number of photos.Future updates will also include the ability to forward pictures from the BW Darkroom App to Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom within the app.Beautify and retouch a raw photo or normal photo using the presets as if they were taken from a professional camera.
Price USD 1.99
License Purchase
Version 0.6.0
Operating System Android
System Requirements None