Boomerang Loop Video & GIF Maker

Create Boomerang video and GIF Images Using front and back camera and convert it to GIF or Video and share it to all the social media. This app built for Loop Video, Video to GIF, Boomerang Video, Burst Effect, Blur Effect, GIF Maker, Boomerang Effect and many more purpose!Key Features:- Boomerang - Create your Small tiny creative video and make fun.- Create creative small video's to share on Social media like Facebook, Whats app, Google+, Twitter, email and YouTube.- GIF Maker - Create your own GIF Image. it also help you to create Reverse GIF slow motion GIF image and many more.- Create GIF From Boomerang Effect Video.- Remember your Great moment with creativity and share it with Social media like - Facebook, Whatsapp, twitter.- Create short effective film.- You can use this app to create birthday Video, Collage Fun Video, Crazy Fan Video, Video with Friends and for any celebration video.- Loop vid snap short videos from 1 -15 seconds long and it will play 3 time again in forward and reverse in a sequence. it's also generate GIF of 10 seconds.- Creating with Loop Video make every moment of joy to more beautiful. Create mini-short videos with loop using Front and back Camera. it makes totally fun!- Find Great Moment that's moving or create your own selfie by switching front face camera. it's very easy and having only one button to tap and then boomerang does the rest of part to creating creative Video or GIF Image.- You can share video right from the app after creating and after that from gallery saved. Contact us at : infdesigncastle@gmail.comGIF Maker - Loop Video Maker - Boomerang maker - Its Free!Tags: GIF Video Maker, Boomerang, Boomerang Video Maker, Love Boomerang, Reverse Video Maker, Best Video Editor, New Boomerang, Insta Boomerang, Loop Video, Reverse Loop Video, Tinny Vid maker, Small Video Maker, Moving Video, Video Fun, burst, Burst Effect, infinite Video
Operating System Android