Live Beard Photo Editor

Live Beard Face Editor let's you have any kind of beard you want in your face to impress the other people.Beard Man, an funny photo editor designed specifically for men, will give you an amazing man look and beard styles. You friends will absolutely be impressed by your new image.Applying Men Stylish Beard on Photos -Get Men Stylish beard on your existing photos instantly. These men stylish beards will look the most Realistic Beards. The Realistic Beards comes with the following options- Live Beard Face Editor automatically checks your head pose and create hair on your face- Makes the Mens Stylish Beards in Prespective Mode As per your head pose- Live Beard Face Editor Provides options to blend the beard perfectly with the photos - lighting, coloring etc using tools like Contrast, Saturation and Brightness. So these Beards look realistic and not just a sticker - stuck on the face and enjoy your beard face.
Operating System Android