Photo Cube - Instant camera, Photo card

New App Launch Event!$ 50 discount !! $ 1.99 - > $ 0.99![What is this app?]1. It's an application that makes your photo look like a "Instant camera"2. You can use a photo filter and a caligraph style.3. You can share it with SNS![What is the merit of this]?1. You can create an emotional and unique piece of work.2. You can share your photos with the " instant camera " form and share them with SNS.3. You can use a black-and-white photo filter.4. You can print out the finished work and use it for your home interiors.[How do you use it?]1. Register the desired picture.2. Enter the text at the bottom of the work piece.3. The finished work is saved in the photo album.(TIP : 1:1 Ratio of 1:1 is the most beautiful.)[Event]" Registration of SNS " events!(2017.10.01 ~ 2017.12.31)Please, put the pieces together with the tag! #PhotoCubeFor those of you who have done good work, I will send you a coupon for the free download of thank you. Thank you!# ContactPlease email me any questions or inconvenience. If you fill out the terminal type and OS, you can get a quick consultation. Thank you very much.Contact Us
Operating System Android