Photo Glitter Effect - Glitter Camera Effect

Use Photo Glitter Effect - Glitter Camera Effect app to create some surreal and expressionistic lighting effects that would be difficult, if not impossible, to produce any other way than with a glitter-covered bounce card. We use a technique can be used to create extremely subtle textures and variations in color.Essentially, each particle of glitter effect like a tiny mirror that creates a small, specular reflection. When you cover a black card in glitter, you're creating thousands of those little reflections, each one slightly different from all of the others.Then when you consider that different colors of glitter will reflect light differently, and you consider that different bounce card colors and materials will produce different results, the possibilities seem endless. And the best part is all of these materials are so inexpensive that you could experiment with it indefinitely without any significant investment.Based on the real physics that happen like we stated above, we introduced an app that can totally glitter your photo and make it shiny and beautiful like a dream of being princess and riding a unicorn and seeing rainbow up in the sky. Photo Glitter Effect - Glitter Camera Effect is very powerful tool to make cute photos yet very simple to use.Many features of Photo Glitter Effect - Glitter Camera EffectEasy to use with friendly user interface.Add glittering effects to your photo like professional photographer.10+ types of pen to draw glitter lines.Eraser to delete.Adjust light, contrast, saturation, warmth, and effects.Blur the background.Easily share with friends via social medias like Facebook, Instagram...How to use- Load image from album or library.- Choose the photo effect you want to use.- Save or Share.Very easy photo editing.Share on facebook, instagram like you want or save.To provide an easy-to-cute photo.You can make easily photo glittering.You can easily make a beautiful pictures.Easily beautiful processing.Cute and sweet and pastel Selfie.Princess pastel Photo filter.Make cute glittering photo and surprise your friends with our Photo Glitter Effect - Glitter Camera Effect app. Photo Glitter Effect - Glitter Camera Effect is the best app that offer you to draw glitter lines the way you want and make a dreamy photo of yours.We love creating app and hope you love our app too.Don't forget to rate us 5 stars and leave a review on Google Play!
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