Supercharge your pictures with Chroma Lab. A wide selection of tools from simple color adjustments to bold shape and light effects give you complete creative control over your photography.Chroma Lab is simple to use yet at the same time endlessly configurable. Filters combine to produce endless variations of your art.EffectsOver 50 effects covering:Color (duotone, colorozing, hue effects...)Black and white (including color filtering and channel mixing)Blur effectsVignetting effects (including unique saturation and contrast modes)Texture effects (add grain, emboss)Light effects (bokeh, spot light, rainbow...)Shapesand also glitch effects, pixel sorting, distortions and more!Powerful user interfaceInfinite undo/redoErase parts of the last applied effect (PRO)Bookmark images to save progress or reuse as masksArea of effect options (activate from settings)VideoChroma Lab comes with a powerful animation module. Create smooth videos with parameter interpolation between key frames (be sure to activate video from the app settings).PRO VersionAvailable as an in-app purchase, the PRO version comes with extra filters, extra parameters, higher resolutions and lossless file saving (PNG).
Operating System Android