Christmas Countdown Live Wallpapers HD Background

Holiday time draws near! Do not let Christmas catch you off guard! Start spreading the holiday spirit and feel the joy that this wonderful season brings with our Countdown Live Wallpapers: HD Backgrounds! Use the Christmas "countdown timer" to never lose track on when this wonderful holiday begins! Our festive "Christmas live wallpapers" will make you feel the warmth of the fireplace and all the excitement of a Christmas morning whenever you look at your "desktop wallpaper"! Celebrate the end of the year, and look forward to the new beginnings the "new year" will bring with "beautiful wallpapers", specially selected just for you!: *:* Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! *:*:Let the magic of Christmas into your heart with a brand new "3D wallpaper"! Our newest "wallpaper app" offers you a fantastic selection of beautiful wallpapers that will bring you the warm and fuzzy feelings of the Christmas Eve and the excitement of a Christmas morning! You will get all of the "wallpapers free" of charge so you can set a new live wallpaper whenever you want like! So, download our "Countdown Live Wallpapers: HD Backgrounds" and we can guarantee that you won't be disappointed!Take a look at some of the amazing features these festive wallpapers for Android offer you:"Animated backgrounds" with cool "photo effects"New cool backgrounds with magical "pictures of fireworks" are added daily - collect them all!Amazing HD graphics with "parallax effects"A beautiful LWP "countdown clock" to Christmas!Compatible with 99% of mobile phone devices.Very easy to use - just tap once to preview the background image and hold to set the background.Full support for landscape mode and home-screen switching!The "moving wallpaper" will sleep when your phone is inactive, so this amazing "3d wallpaper" will not drain your batterySocial share buttonThe end of the year is approaching! Start sending out your "Christmas cards", and make sure you wish everyone a "Happy New Year"! Put up your Christmas decorations, and make sure your phone looks ready for the season! Browse through our collection of Christmas themed "live wallpapers", choose the one you like best, and start spreading the joy of Christmas to your friends and loved ones!The countdown clock widget that comes with our selection of "beautiful wallpapers" will make you more and more excited with each passing day, because you will see in real time how far the holidays are! Never again will you forget to do your holiday shopping or put up your decorations on time! Our Christmas live wallpapers with a 3D effect will warm everyone's heart and transport you into a cozy and festive atmosphere with every glance! Get inspired and think of wonderful "new year wishes", as you look at your new "Christmas background"! Christmas is here only once a year, so hurry up and start celebrating before it is over!Countdown Live Wallpapers: HD Backgrounds offers only the "best wallpapers", which is why it is one of the best "free apps" on the market! Any 3D wallpaper you choose will be a perfect choice, and more importantly it will not have any effect on the battery life of your device! Our "phone wallpapers" are designed to only be active when your phone is in use, so you can rest assured there is no additional battery drain! Set a new Christmas background, relax and think of your "new year wishes" and plans, and start working on achieving them!Never again wonder "how many days until Christmas"! You don't even have to use an "online timer"! Our new background has an integrated countdown timer specially made for that purpose! It is unobtrusive and blends perfectly within our Christmas wallpapers becoming a wonderful part of the picture! Remind yourself and your loved ones how how many days until Christmas are left and enjoy the background provided by the best LWP app! Download Countdown Live Wallpapers: HD Backgrounds right now for free!
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