Borderly is a simple concept app that will let you add minimal borders to your photographs to make them look more attracting and brisk. The idea stems from adding simple minimal borders just as thing white box around the image to focus on the subject matters. This app is ideal for apps like instagram social networks like Snap Chat, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter. In fact you can share the image on any social network possible!Borderly will require access to media so that all the images can be saved in the shared section. The app is very quick to function. All you have to do is simply upload an image and choose your favourite border before uploading it. For now, we're adding three minimal borders to choose from but we intend to multiply the number quickly with new quirky borders at your disposal.The best part of this app is that it makes your pictures way more attractive. The borders are plain and minimal and maintain the feel of your photography. If you're one of the social media enthusiasts like we are, try using this app and see how your photos can be transformed in to attractive images in no time.
Operating System Android