Gudak Pro

Analog Disposable Camera with 24 shots in one film. You have to wait 1 day for the development process of photos and one hour for a new film. In todays instant preview era we might have lost the thill of choosing and embracing moments. We have also lost the excitement and thrill of waiting for photos to be developed.Gudak Pro bring all that back to you. Now you have to wait 1 days to develop a film. A film contains 24 photos and to add an extra twist not to over shoot it takes one hour to get a new film. Photos get random light leaks just like the real disposable cameras. If you however want the original photo you can get that too in the app.Why 1 day?It takes roughly 1 day to forget e memory and in the good old days when shooting with films the photo shops used to say 'come back next day..'.With Gudak Pro we hope to get you away from mainstream snapping of self-destructive photos to value what you capture.Every photo is unique, with lightleaks, 3d effects applied randomly. Every photo is unique. If you uninstall the app make sure you have the photos saved first. They will otherwise be gone. Please report any issues or feedback to
Price USD 0
License Free
Version 2.0.1
Operating System Android
System Requirements None