Color Brush Photo Effects

Color Brush Photo Effects Want to freestyle over a beat? Record your freestyle with your phone, get that rhyme saved before you forget it! Avoid the canned beats, make it your own with Color Brush Effects. Load custom samples. Record custom samples with your microphone. Add effects. Make trance or techno? Program a hard hitting beat quickly. Export to WAV, MIDI, Ringtone, and more!Try Color Brush Effects now, with Google's two hour refund window!- WAV file import - Load YOUR OWN SAMPLES from SDCARD. Long press a sound button to bring up the sample loading dialog. Also get more sound PAKS from Google Play, most are free, look for "Color Brush Effects Pak"- Preview (audition) samples LIVE while the machine is playing, they will mix right into the beat. (Live audition). NO OTHER APP ON THE MARKET DOES THIS!- Record VOCALS, freestyle rap along with the beat, or record an instrument (guitar, etc) - using the VOCAL/INSTRUMENT track feature!- Use LOOPS as well as one shot samples- Ringtone , WAV, MIDI, and Pad bounce export - load your song into FruityLoops or other DAW on your PC and keep working- Load up to 16 samples.- 16 Mute groups available, for more realistic drums- Load MIDI drum files for quicker programming. Color Brush Effects comes with an assortment of pre-made MIDI files.- Set samples or loops to retrigger on programmed slots or to play completely through before triggering the sample again- Save your own custom drumkit settings- RECORD samples to PADS with the microphone.- Stretch loops to fit the current project BPM.- Edit a sample's start and end point, pitch and pan Left/Right.- Use other time signatures such as 3/4, 6/8, etc.- Add some swing to your beats with the SHUFFLE setting.- Add FX to your samples:- Reverse- Delay- Distortion- Reverb (Reverb is disabled on Lollipop and higher currently because it causes crashing)- Stereo Spread - Play Color Brush Effects with an external USB MIDI controllerUSB MIDI Control has been tested on: - Plug a USB computer keyboard into your phone with an OTG USB cable and you can start/stop Color Brush Effects's pattern sequencer using space bar!- Sharing - install the Soundcloud app from the market and you can share beats right to soundcloud (see Color Brush Effects's Menu->More->Share Exported)Also check out my ReLoop music sequencer, which allows you to sequence loops just like Garageband or Sony's ACID.
Operating System Android