Catch is a social media platform that acts as a virtual time capsule. Catch allows you to create incredible memories with your friends and family, then decide when those memories should be opened and re-lived. Create an event, select a time for it to be opened, add pictures and videos, wait for the viewing date and time, relive the most exciting moments of life. Features:- Create memorable experiences to be viewed later.- Connect with friends to see what events are happening near you.- Share special moments with your network.- Store events on your profile to view them whenever you choose.- Discover past and present events from your connections.- Mark events as public or private depending on viewership.- Enjoy ad-free viewing experience.Catch Opportunities:- Life Event Collaboration: Collaborate to offer a wonderful birthday message, sendoff video, anniversary love note, or congratulatory graduation film. - Vacations: Share your favorite moments of vacation with your friends and family. Relive your vacation once your back home. - Self-Made Time Capsule: Don't just sent content to others, send content to yourself! Motivate, remind, predict, or set goals through Catch's digital time capsule.- Night Out: Enjoying a night out on the town with friends? Be sure to Catch every moment with our app. Celebratory drinks, happy hour, bachelor/bachelorette parties, and all night out events deserve to be relived.- Private Event - Somethings are better left to the privacy of friends and family. That's why we give users the ability to make any Catch event public or private. Public events will allow anyone following the user to view the event, private events will only allow selected users to see your event memories.Let your creative juices flow, discover new friends, and strengthen your social connections as we continue to develop an app that delivers optimal performance. Remember, you can Catch anything!
Operating System Android