Bearded Dragon Collection

Bearded Dragon is a native animal from Australia, now it is widely farmed in various countries. Bearded dragon (BD) lives in dry, rocky, semi-desert, and open (bushy) forests. Actually BD is a whiz guy, like hanging out on twigs and bushes, even sometimes also found in the house fence, if the residential area is close to their habitat. In addition to the above places, BD also like to bask in the stones and small in the morning and afternoon (need vitamin D).Bearded Dragon is classified as an animal who likes to socialize, so try to be invited to play or play more than one in one cage with a conducive cage environment.The reproductive period begins at one or two years of age. During the mating season, the adult male BD beard will turn black. Determine BD sex usually after the age of 10 months, by looking at his cloaca. Females can lay up to 16 eggs in early summer (in their natural habitat). Usually the parent will bury the eggs in the sand digging ramps. Baby BD will be born with 2.1 grams weight, usually striped, and there is an orange circle around the eyes, this motif will fade over time.in this app contains:photo of Bearded DragonBearded Dragon imageBearded Dragon typeBearded Dragon is beautiful
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