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Calligraphy nameCalligraphy is the art design of the great style it like art you can know the latest calligraphic design world. It is the selection and approach to creating benefits that can see through translating into lovely art to be able to share them with your friends.Create calligraphy name by selecting the photos or wallpaper according to your wishes and typefaces, colors to create an artistic name the most unique way. Calligraphy style writing your name on different aspects depending on the image you selected.Calligraphy is an art name free application to help you write calligraphy with ease.* The use of applications Calligraphy Name. Smooth interface with user friendly gives you an easy way to use the most, for beginners, this app brings own style of calligraphy* How to use the application name art. - Select photos from folders or take a picture with the camera's power. - Enter your name and select the color, typeface - There are about 50 different background color - You can add multiple background images 20 images natural style vibrant - Save image to folder Calligraphy name 2017.Name Art
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