Pic Projector Simulator

Welcome to Pic Projector Simulator. If you want to click a pic and edit it, then photo projector is the best option for you. This app is a very powerful and effective photo editor for photo lovers. One of the best features of this app is after the pic is edited, it look like as if it is projected on the selected background. By Photo projector lets you to click a pic and edit it, by cropping and rotating, giving it a stunning background and applying some amazing breath taking effects. HD projector, projected images -you can believe that advantages of this technology will soon allow it to equip each phone. This is the best Pic Photo Projector Simulator for free. The perfect entertainment is done when the camera of phone defines the photo on the screen, the flash is activated and the screen gives the impression that the picture is projected on any surface. Key Features Of Pic projector: 1. You can click a photo by using Camera option. 2. Number of stunning backgrounds for your pics. A background can be selected even from the phone's gallery. 3. Different type of effects you can use for your photos. 4. The selected image can be cropped and rotated if you like. 5. Save your edited pics to the phone's photo gallery. 6. The edited pics can be shared on social networks like Instagram, Gmail, Facebook and so much more. Photo projector is the best photo editing app for fun lovers. Download this best photo editing app for free, and enjoy editing your pics, and sharing it.
Operating System Android