Man Hair Mustache Style Pro

Man Hair Mustache Style PRO is a unique app allow you to change hair style and mustache beard style together. By using our man hair mustache style changer application Change your hair style and mustache in few seconds. Hair plays a very important role in a man's life. Mustache Give a royal look to men. Apply lot of image effects, mustache and beard styles and hair styles. If you are not happy then Before going for hair cut, at least u can try these stylish hair style and mustache and a can select an appropriate and matching style for yourself. Try specially designed modern hairs and mustache styles maker very easily. You can find modern, trendy hair styles for men and royal look mustaches used from all over the world. Make handsome and smart hair and mustache styles photo of yours. Man Hair Mustache Style changer will help you to give a dashing look. Add different types of hair and mustaches / beard style and check by yourself, you could find a proper hair style which suits to your face. In this application try lot of hair colors to see which one suits to your face. Now no need to direct color your hair. First try hair and mustache colors using our app and select the right color in which you looks dashing and cool. Man Hair Mustache Style changer make up kit lets you change your hair and mustache style together with very simple steps. Its very easy to use. You can also erase unwanted portions from your photo. Understand which hair / beard / Mustache style suits to your face shape. Features worth to use: Vast Collection of beautiful hair and mustache / Beard styles. Specially Designed hair / mustache / beard styles to fit to any face. According to Male And Female Gender Different styles of Short, Medium, Long hair cut, Beards and Mustaches. Flip option to properly fit hair style into your face. Different categories of cool hair and mustache colors like Green, Violet, blonde, brunette, red, brown, gray, blowout burgundy chocolate cherry, golden brown etc.Rotation and zoom tool for setting up hair or beard or mustache on your beautiful face. Share option let you share your beautiful hair style with your friends. Supports multiple social media sharing. Instruction to Use: 1. Photo Selection: Select your photo from gallery or capture from camera. 2. Choose Style: Choose your hair / mustache / beard style. 3. Set it on Photo: Scale and rotate to fit hair / mustache / beard / goggles style to your face with your fingertips. 4. Color Selection: Add color to hair and mustache / beard. Now you can add color to goggles also. 4. Remove: Erase unwanted portion from your photo. 5. Flip: Flip Hair / Beard left and right. 6. Save: Apply effects to the final output And Save Your Edited Photo. 7. Share: Share your photo with Social Apps to your friend, family and hair stylist. Just Download this app today and Enhance your photo with our amazing hair / mustache / beard styles. Have Fun all the time with looking best.
Operating System Android