Haunted Travelers Ghost Hunting Technology

Support the Haunted Travelers in our quest for the truth. Are you into Ghost or UFO Hunting? It's always been hard to catch a ghost on camera until now. Time to see the unseen. This fantastic technology lets you see and analyze very transparent light patterns in greater detail. Ghost hunting just got an upgrade. Try our award winning system, capture your own evidence, and decide for yourself. instructions: https://www.ghostpro. us/instructions_GP_2017. pdfif the App is not working Please install Android Webviewhttps://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com. google. android. webview&hl=enrestart device if needed and try again. Works great on the Galaxy 8. if it crashes: please try to restart app. it uses a lot of RAM to amplify each photo. requires Android 5.0 or higherturn Off battery saver programs or set them to best performance. Thanks.
Operating System Android