Welcome to EMF Camerathis is controlled by the magnetic readings picked up by the device magnetic sensor. IMPORTANT. THE DEVICE MUST HAVE AN MAGNETIC SENSOR. once started you the user can leave the device alone or walk around with it while on an investigation or a quick session. this was made to enhance any paranormal investigators experience better hopefully giving them the shot and capture worthy of their efforts. ok to the app you will see at the bottom their are four buttons starting from left to right, the gears will open the camera settings and you will see the following. use front camera. change between front and rear cameras display log for bugging. shows the log file of the camera quality. slider. set the quality of the image 0-100 (100 better quality) set picture size. change the size of the picture (best left on default) set focus mode.from auto to manual set white balance. change the white balance of the camera exposure. slider. set the camera to show brighter or darker display available camera parameters. shows what the camera can do. second button is the folder this takes you to the stored images or gallery and look for Camera. note if your device does not have a native file manger it will open the third party file manger then look for (file) - (DCIM) - (Camera) under camera you find your images. third button is the on/off buttonfourth button is rotate. this allows you to rotate the image by 90 degrees. IMPORTANT. IMAGES WILL SHOW 90 DEGREES TO THE LEFT. on some devices you will not be allowed to rotate stored images. above the buttons is a pulsing blue light this is the emf level detected and will move to the right as it detects the emf level higher. at the top the furthest left and right led's will turn green to show the app is runningthe middle four are also the emf level detection and will turn green the higher it goes. the blank area is camera activation alert and your see a camera icon appear and below a message stating taking picture once the picture is taken a message will show stating saving picture. thank you for buying EMF Camera and i hope this will enhance your investigations. GARA-paranormal.
Operating System Android